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    Mental Health

    Children’s Mental Health Services

    Discussions around mental health are open and going mainstream with the serious attention they are getting. Adults who understand the importance of good mental health are taking conscious steps to maintain the same. When it comes to kids, healthy mental health is important for their overall physical, emotional, and social development. As childhood is a sensitive and crucial time period when kids are prone to emotional damage, people should make sure that their kids are not struggling mentally. In case any child is struggling mentally, mental health services are important in ensuring that children receive appropriate help, care, and support and their parents the right guidance for how to help…

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    Mental Health

    Movies And Mental Illness: A Journey Through Films

    Cinema has a stronghold on the way reality is realized. Movies and TV shows not only depict realities but construct them. At times, cinema addresses the issues and questions that are necessary but sidelined due to their uncomfortable nature and tabooed status. Mental illness is one such issue that used to lie at the margins due to the taboo associated with it, but with the progression of time, it has come to the forefront and gained mainstream attention with ongoing discussions and advancements. But for cinema, mental illness, and mental health has been a topic of interest and exploration for ages. There have been multiple movies about mental illness in…

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    Mental Health Tattoos And Their Healing Powers

    One way we can talk about our daily challenges without saying a word is through our tattoos, especially those relating to mental health. People come up with new and different ways to “speak” up and share their stories because mental issues are frequently invisible. This article will look at tattoos that express, declare, serve as a reminder of, or offer personal reflections on, mental health. We will also look at why people get tattoos related to their mental health and offer some advice we’ve learned. Relationship Between Mental Health And Tattoos Getting inked is one of the most common phenomena of our world. People get tattoos to represent their success…