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Tarot Reading

The Ancient Art of Tarot Reading: A Beginner’s Guide

In this world of order, reason, and information, sometimes people want the unknown, something over which they have less agency. The art of Tarot reading can be a great way for personal growth and spiritual development on this way towards self-discovery. One can explore one’s own inner world and gain a deeper understanding of the people around. In this article, we will be exploring the world of Tarot reading, from the history of Tarot cards to tips and instructions for Tarot reading. This will be a little guide that will prepare the beginners before they dive into the mystic world of Tarot reading. 

Why Tarot Reading

Tarot, an ancient divination practice that has been around for centuries, is still as popular among the population as it was a few hundred years ago. Still, if people come across a Tarot reading by coincidence whether over the internet, around the street corner, in a magazine, or anywhere else, they will somehow end up believing it. That’s how divination and intuition work. It’s not the reason or conscious search for an answer, it’s the energy, the vibes, and the unknown that somehow lead to an encounter. And this encounter can come in any way. Some people who notice it will get along with it and try to find an answer for themselves. That’s when the tarot reading came in. 

History of Tarot Reading

The first reading in Tarot history can be traced back around 5000 years when its foundation lies in Numerology. Historically, Major Arcana consists of 22 cards, and its earliest known use was in a card game similar to modern-day bridges. The 22 cards represent stages in the journey of an apprentice known as the Fool towards becoming a Magi who has attained complete spiritual knowledge. Hand-printed tarots evolved from being exclusively available to the upper class to become widely used with the coming of the printing press. 

Tarot reading for divination purposes like predicting the future, began around the 18th and 19th centuries. People started associating tarot with the occult and believing in their power. Since then tarot reading has evolved and become more popular over time with people using it to various different ends than just prediction. 

The Tarot Card Deck

As already mentioned, originally tarot cards were made up of 22 cards. The French later added additional 56 cards called Minor Arcana. While some professional clairvoyants disregard the Minor Arcana and rely solely on the 22 original cards, some consider it as significant as Major Arcana.  

For Tarot reading, each card from the 78 cards of the deck has its own unique symbol and image. The two card groups, Major Arcana and Minor Arcana respectively consist of 22 and 56 cards and have different significance in the whole Tarot reading process. 

Major Arcana cards represent major life events and turning points and are thus often seen as the most important cards in the deck. The 56 cards of Minor Arcana are divided into four suits: cups, wands, pentacles, and swords where each suit represents a different aspect of life, such as emotions, creativity, material possessions, and intellect.  

How Tarot Reading Works

For the Tarot reading, the reader will shuffle the deck of cards, and depending on the type of reading being done, they will draw a certain number of cards. Then they will lay out the cards in a specific pattern known as a spread. There are various patterns and one can choose any one of the spreads depending on their preferences and calling. 

Each card in each spread has a specific meaning and the reader makes the interpretation based on their position and relation with each other in the spread. Besides using their learned knowledge, the reader also uses their intuition and senses, and psychic abilities to make a meaningful and insightful interpretation of the cards drawn. You can also refer to psychic websites for some trial sessions.

You and Tarot Reading

Tarot reading is a divination practice. There is more to Tarot than just mere interpretation of the meaning of cards that you learned from various instructions and guidebooks. In fact, each book and guide has a different perspective, instructions, and meaning for the reader. But as already mentioned, Tarot reading is more about intuition and feeling, about making a connection, and about communicating with the energies and the senses. So, make sure you learn to channel the senses and energies, understand and believe intuition, and communicate with your cards rather than relying upon the memorized bookish information. Try a few free readings on fortune telling sites beforehand to get a better understanding.

Tarot Spreads and Tarot Decks

Nowadays, there is an overwhelming number of Tarot card decks available for one to decide and choose. As much as the multiple options make it interesting for a beginner but it also makes it daunting and overwhelming. But you can take your time in finding your one Tarot deck. Go around and explore as many options as you can, spread them, and feel them, and with time you will find one deck that speaks to you. 

For tarot spreads, there are many patterns of spreading your decks. For beginners, there are some basic and easy spreads like Celtic Cross and three-card pull. There are other spreads as well like six cards pull, Pentagram Spread, Romany Spread, and Seven Card Horseshoe. For beginners, you can stick to easy and basic spreads and with time you can try the other spreads. 

Tarot, Storytelling & Psychic Readings

As already mentioned, there can be multiple guides with very different instructions on how to read tarot cards. And it can be challenging for one to determine which interpretation is correct or what is the correct answer. But one has to understand there is no single or correct answer when it comes to Tarot reading. Tarot cards are powerful tools to help you make a connection with your intuition and higher self. The meanings of the cards vary from person to person. Each image on the cards conveys a story and it is very important to develop a personal relationship with the cards to create your interpretations and story.

You have to pay attention to the colors, symbols, differences, similarities, and the immediate impact of the cards on your mind during psychic readings. The pictures would stimulate your intuition and you can use the images and your imagination to create a narrative, a story. Even the best tarot card readers are never telling people anything new other than what they already know. During tarot or a psychic reading, when you are describing what you see in the picture you can trust the other person’s subconscious to sense and create the right message. Tarot reading is very similar to storytelling. As more cards are added to the interpretation, a fuller story comes into the picture. If you want to, you can also try free online tarot reading before meeting an actual tarot reader. 

To Wind-Up

In conclusion, tarot reading is a powerful tool for gaining insight into one’s life and the world around them. With its rich history and popularity, tarot reading can be used to gain insight and guidance in various aspects of one’s life like romantic relationships, career, or personal growth. Nowadays, there are various psychic websites available on the internet offering free online tarot readings also where you can try for fun, and if it interests you, you can pursue it further by learning about it or meeting tarot readers in person.